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Company Name:
Iasis Healthcare
### Job Description
Assesses/prioritizes patient care needs (both physical and psychological) according to acuity. Ensures all needed supplies and equipment is available for each patient. Assesses body systems according to unit protocol. Recognizes abnormalities due to disease process(es) and implements appropriate plan of care. Assess the following as indicated: Cultural/Religious needs and their impact on the patient''s care, age specific indications, pain management, recognizes vital signs that fall outside of normal limits. Initiates bio-psychosocial assessment upon the patient s admission to the nursing unit as assigned or when patient acuity or condition changes on the unit. Completes initial assessment and documents findings according to nursing policy. Identifies Core Measure patients upon admission. Assists with meeting Core Measure indicator s through physician interaction. Provides/documents required patient education. Completes medication reconciliation upon admission, transfer and discharge according to Hospital Policy Identifies and documents present on admission specific patient problems such as pressure ulcers and infections. Develops an individualized plan of care based on the assessed needs of the patient. Incorporates patient/family and significant other s involvement and desire for care, age-specific criteria, and documents according to hospital policy. Communicates plan of care with patient/guardian/family using appropriate language to ensure understanding. Prioritizes care to meet established goals. Revises plan of care as needed based on the evaluation of outcomes and effectiveness. Addresses educational needs of the patient/family based on patient readiness and ability to learn; revises the education plan to reflect current needs and documents according to hospital policy. Initiates discharge planning upon admission. Provides direct patient care in accordance with standard of nursing practice. Prioritizes patient care based on the plan of care. Delegates care based on acuity as appropriate to meet patient needs within established timeframes. Demonstrates critical thinking skills as evidenced by safe nursing practice, prevention and recognition of complications Administers all medications in accordance with hospital policy and state regulation. Implements identified teaching strategies and nursing interventions based on patient s age and development stages. Provides patient, and/or family members with appropriate educational materials. Documents all interventions, education and patient s response according to hospital policy. Assures continuity of care upon admission, at shift change, transfer and discharge through Hand-Off communication per Hospital policy. Recognizes, reports and implements emergency interventions effectively. Is familiar with emergency equipment and procedures. Implements safety measures appropriate to the patient s age and developmental stage. Instructs the patient and/or caregiver in all aspects of care required upon discharge including diagnosis, treatments, medications, S & S to report to Physic
### Skills / Requirements
Graduate from an RN program. BSN preferred.
One (1) year experience preferred.
Nevada RN License. CPR Certification for Health Care Providers or equivalent.
American Heart Association (AHA) BLS required
Posted: 04/28/2014
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